Ryan Law

Backcountry Sledder

Ryan Law TNI Rider

Ryan Law is a young up and comer in the  backcountry sledding scene. At only 16 years old Ryan has already accomplished things some people will only dream of. From riding with legends like Chris Burandt to landing the most recent cover shot of the Followcam 7 movie. Be sure to keep up with all of Ryan’s adventures this winter on his Instagram page!

Age : 16

Years Riding: 10

Resides: Castlegar, B.C.




Q: Hey Ryan! Stoked to have you on board man! How did you first get involved in Backcountry sledding?

A: Six years ago I told my parents that I really wanted a snowmobile for Christmas and that Christmas we got an Arctic Cat powder special for a yard sled to ride around on and tow gt’s up our backyard hill.

Q: Where are your favourite riding spots?

A: My favourite place to ride is in Revelstoke, BC. The terrain there is massive with huge bowls, natural whip hits, cliff drops everywhere all the way to wicked tree riding. There really is riding there for all types and skill levels of riders! My dream place to ride is hard to say because Revelstoke is so awesome! Whistler looks like there is really awesome riding there too!

Q: What advice would you give up and coming kids trying to break through into the sport?

A: My advice would be to really focus on proper riding technique and to try to ride with people who are better then yourself so you can watch them ride and get tips on stuff that your doing right or wrong because that’s what really helped me improve.

Q: What are your goals and plans for the 2016/17 season?

A: My plans for this winter are to continue to work at becoming a better all around rider and I plan to ride lots with Hickshow Productions, maybe get out with for a few days with Thunderstruck and possibly get out with the 509 crew.

Q: What keeps you busy in the off season?

A: In the off season I do lots of down hill mountain biking, we have lots of local trails here and we also make many trips out to Silverstar and later in the season Whistler Bike Park. I also enjoy dirt biking which is great because I can ride right from our yard to some decent riding areas.

Q: Thanks a lot Ryan! Did you want to give a shout out to anyone?

A: Id like to give a big thanks to Hickshow Productions for helping me improve my riding a lot and for supporting me for the last 2 seasons! TNI for the awesome clothes, Klim, 509, Zbroz Racing, Back Country Access, MBRP exhaust, Frankensled, and most importantly my Mom and Dad for making this possible for me to be in this awesome sport and for their endless support. Before meeting up with Hickshow it was just me and my Dad riding for the prior few years.


Speed Round


Q: First Sled?

A: Our first family was an Arctic Cat powder special and my first personal sled was an Indy 500.

Q: Battle scars?

A: Although I have had many gnarly crashes I have luckily never been injured.

Q: Favourite rider?

A: Brett Turcotte because of how good he is in all areas of snowmobiling. I also spent many hours watching Schooled videos with Chris Burandt which really helped my riding and last season getting the opportunity to ride with him was definitely of the coolest riding experiences that I’ve had.

Q:Favourite food?

A: Burritos

Q: Words to live by?

A: It’s not the years in your life that count, its the life in your years.


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