Elijah Jay Aldoff

Freestyle Motocross

TNI Rider Elijah Jay Aldoff

Elijah Jay is a young up and coming FMX rider and free ride enthusiast. From riding shows to playing in the hills with some of the top riders in North America this guy is going to be one to keep your eye on into the future! Head over and give Elijah Jay a follow on his Instagram to keep up with all of his crazy events.

Q & A


Age : 20

Years Riding: 6 or 7

Resides: Kamloops B.C.

Nickname: Bubba, and not after Bubba Stewart

Q: Hey Elijah how did you first get involved in the sport of Freestyle Motocross?

A: I got involved in freestyle because of the riding style I like that the best about the sport, FMX to me is the funnest and most badass part of dirt biking.

Q: Whats it like having a FMX legend like Kris Foster as a riding buddy?

A: Having Foster to ride with is honestly what every amature rider wants to have, he pushes me everytime we ride and it really pays off, not only having him to ride with is awsome but having him to bum parts off when im in need is a bonus as well haha.

Q: Where are you favourite places to ride in BC?

A: My favourite places to ride are really just the local spots and hills around my home town, horsepower ranch probably takes the cake though!

Q: What are your goals and plans for 2016?

A: My goals for this year are to get my name out there and to land myself a few more shows for this year!

Q: Thanks a lot man! Pumped to have you on board! Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

A: Thanks for having me aboard, I wanna give shouts to Foster and all the boys that have helped me get this far, Rosco at Horsepower Ranch, Spy Optics, Leading Edge Motorsports, Flossy Bumz boys! FXR, Atlas, Ryno power, my momma and beautiful girlfriend for all the support!

Speed Round


Q: First dirt bike?

A: Fat tire KDX 100

Q: Dream riding spot?

A: SoCal with twitch and the DBK’s

Q: Battle scars?

A: Broken wrist, bruised sternem, lots of road rash hahaha

Q:Favourite rider?

A: TAKA and Pastrana

Q: Favourite food?

A: Seafood!

Q: Favourite Movie

A:Talledega Nights

Q: Celebrity crush?

A: Ami Houde counts as a Celebrity, right?

Q: Words to live by?

A: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

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