True Northern

Defined by Extreme Lifestyle

True North Strong and Free!


Inspired by the love of action sports, True Northern Industries was born in 2015 on the east coast of Canada with nothing more than a dream to help get it going. True Northern is a Brand with no limitations and is centered around people with extreme lifestyles similar to the sports they are involved in.


Growing up we all have big dreams! Some dream of becoming a Astronaut, a NHL player or even the Prime Minister. Then along the way we are led to believe that it is time to stop dreaming and enter the real world. This is all too familiar for myself TNI founder and President Matt Kreplin. As a kid I was in love with action sports. Starting with skateboarding and BMX and slowing progressing to my still today favourite passions of snowboarding, motocross and  back country snowmobiling. Growing up I would wear all of the big name corporate brands but none of them made me feel at home or a part of something! Upon completing High school I did what most guys my age do and got into the trades. After being in the field of Plumbing/Pipefitting for the past 8 years my heart has always been somewhere else. At TNI we want to give Northern people something to call their own. Something we can wear and think back to our favourite pastimes. Something that when we put it on it reminds us of the extreme Northern lifestyle we love so much.


The True Northern Industries logo was inspired by a three main factors. The sprocket centred around the outside represents the motorsports that we love, from motocross to snowmobiling. The mountains that we play in on our snowboards and mountain bikes and the northern arrow that always reminds us where we came from!



Our Moto and words we live by are “Strong and free”. Many of the sports we love and extreme lifestyles we live involve injury. Its pretty much inevitable, we all crash and get hurt at some point. Broken bones, surgeries, concussions, bumps and bruises but our STRONG will always leads us right back to the sports and things we love. We all know that feeling you get when you throw your leg over your bike, jump on your sled or cruise down the mountain. You are not thinking about work, stressed out about life your mind is at ease and you are literally FREE!


At True Northern Industries clothing we strive to be different from everyone else. We want to be your preferred brand for representing EXTREME sports up in the true north! We are always working on new designs and ideas. We strive to bring you, our extended family, something you will be proud to wear and call your own!

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